Depression – Why it Happens, How it works and how to deal with it – a spiritual perspective

Disclaimer: This is only a spiritual view of how to look at and deal with Depression. Please look at Disclaimer at end of the article before proceeding.

We have heard of this term often – Friends, family, celebrities, it spares no-one and is often met with a clueless ‘What should one do now’ fear of what can happen next.

With my understanding of spirituality and the workings of Depression, here is what i would recommend anyone affected by ‘Depression’ to understand.

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Why Depression Happens

My understanding is that Depression in primarily initiated by the partial or complete breaking and finishing of our ‘Support base Ego’s’. ‘Support base Ego’s’ are basically the Ego’s we have chosen to make our fundamental reason for existence, our happiness, our reason for being and living.

Lets practically look at the possible types of ‘Support base Ego’s’ that we embrace to reinforce and get through our lives.

  1. The ‘Physical’ Ego – The ego of being Physically superior to others
  2. The ‘Financial/Economic/Social’ Ego – The ego of being financially/economically more well off in terms of social status to others
  3. The ‘Being Loved’ Ego – The ego of being loved by others
  4. The ‘Goodness’ Ego – The ego of doing more good than others
  5. The ‘Spiritual’ Ego – The ego of being more evolved that others

We use the above ‘Support base Ego’s’ as constant reinforcers for our existence and our life but in this very dependence on them comes the possibility of Depression.

To understand ‘Why Depression happens’ we come to the most fundamental question – What is the Natural, Organic and Real base of our existence. Unless we deal with this and understand this it is difficult to understand and deal with Depression.

The Natural, Organic and Real base of our existence is ‘Pure Awareness’ or ‘Pure Consciousness’ or ‘Oneness’ or mathematically speaking ‘Zeroness’. We can also call it ‘Non Duality’. This is time and again validated and documented by the highest of seekers and Meditators and reaffirmed by my experience in Meditation.

Now what we do when we make one or more of the ‘Support base Ego’s as our base of existence is to embrace and become dependent on ‘Duality’ for our happiness – thus developing a synthetic or false reality of existence – only so we can peacefully and happily get through our lives. This is all good and nice and harmonious – Until one or more of our ‘Support Base Ego’s’ get damaged – Either fully or dented enough to shake our synthetic reality.

How Depression Happens

The moment our ‘Support Base Ego’s’ get damaged is when ‘Depression’ is initiated. Our Mind, bereft of its support base(s) on which to base its reality goes in free fall. Our purpose of existence is questioned. We have no base left on which to live our lives. All seems meaningless and purposeless. Sadness, Suffering, Cluelessness – the Mind cannot fathom what just happened.

How can we deal with Depression

Now we get two options –

1. Find another ‘Support Base Ego’s’ to depend upon – this what the 99% do – they – Slowly with time and effort – the Mind accepts other Support Base’s and goes back to living on the base of Synthetic reality. However with this approach – the chance for ‘Depression’ to reoccur remains an active possibility.

2. Look at Why Depression happened in the first place – If we rightly identify and become aware of ‘Support base Ego’s’ we were dependent upon and understand that the source of our Depression is our dependence on ‘Duality’ and the synthetic reality – we can slowly take steps to depend on the true Organic and Natural reality of existence. This will help heal the mind slowly and root in a unbreakable base of existence.

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