The four parts of the Mind ~ S.N. Goenka

In the referenced video, S.N. Goenka goes on to explain the four different parts of the mind. 1. Vinnyana or Consciousness 2. Sanya or Perception 3. Vedhana or Sensation 4. Sankhara or Reaction

The I-principle ~ Atmananda krishna menon

By reducing objects into Consciousness or happiness, you come only to the brink of experience. Reduce them further into the ‘I’-principle; and then ‘it’, the object, and ‘you’, the subject, both merge into experience itself. – Atmananda krishna menon

Essential core of Osho’s Teaching

Witnessing is concerned with the body, the second with the mind, the third with the heart. And when you become capable of watching the third too, the fourth happens on its own accord. Suddenly a quantum leap and you are standing exactly at the very center of your being, where there is nothing to be…

Men and women are mirrors for each other ~ Osho

When a woman travels the path of love and opens to spiritual rebirth, she will flower into consciousness. When a man travels the path of awareness and meditation, he will find himself flowering into love. Men and women are mirrors for each other. We simply need to learn to polish our mirrors till they shine.…

The beauty of the unconscious ~ Osho

“The beauty of the unconscious is that it never lies because it has never been part of civilization. It has never been educated, it has never been turned into a hypocrite; it is very simple, very innocent. It simply says whatsoever is the case.” – Osho

Art arises from consciousness ~ Jean Klein

“A work of art always arises from the background: Consciousness. Be it music, painting, architecture, poetry or sculpture, It is always seen by the artist in an instant, like a flash of lightening, as it surges forth from deep within him.” – Jean Klein