Advaita Vedanta

I Am That: Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Questioner: You too will die.

Maharaj: I am dead already. Physical death will make no difference in my case. I am a timeless being. I am free of desire or fear because I do not remember the past or imagine the future; Where there are no names and shapes, how can there be desire and…

Joy ~ Francis Lucille

Joy knows itself, as a child we didn’t know the word joy, we were joy – Francis Lucille

Mind covers up reality ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

“The mind covers up reality, without knowing it. To know the nature of the mind, you need intelligence, the capacity to look at the mind in silent and dispassionate awareness.” – Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Art arises from consciousness ~ Jean Klein

“A work of art always arises from the background: Consciousness. Be it music, painting, architecture, poetry or sculpture, It is always seen by the artist in an instant, like a flash of lightening, as it surges forth from deep within him.” – Jean Klein

Presence of stillness ~ Jean Klein

It is like being in the desert. First, you have to listen to the absence of the sound and call it silence. then suddenly you may be taken by the presence of stillness where you are one with listening to itself. – Jean Klein

Memory ~ Jean Klein

“Ego is nothing more than an Image held together by a memory” – Jean Klein

Trust the infinite ~ Billy Doyle

“There comes a time, when you have to let go all the words, all the teaching and trust the infinite.” ― Billy Doyle, The Mirage of Separation

Follow Silence ~ Jean klein

“Go deeply into the urge to be silent and not the mental interference of how, where and when. If you follow silence to its source you can be taken by it in a moment.” ― Jean Klein, Who Am I?: The Sacred Quest

Importance of understanding ~ Jean Klien

“What is important is neither pleasure nor pain, success nor failure, what is important is to understand that neither of them have any importance whatsoever. This understanding calls for peace, calm and serenity.” ― Jean Klein, Be Who You Are

Jean Klein ~ The man and his teachings

“I was waiting for one afternoon for a train. The platform was deserted and the landscape sleepy. It was silent. The train was late, and I was very relaxed and free of all thinking. Suddenly a cock crowed and its unusual sound made me aware of my silence.

It was not the objective silence…

Billy Doyle ~ The Poet of Non Duality

Billy Doyle’s approach is influenced by Jean Klein. This approach of Billy is based on the traditional art of listening to our bodies. We humans do not actually know the real body. Through accumulated tensions and living in the head, the body too has become an idea rather than something living, something that can be…

Rupert Spira ~ the man and his teachings

Enlightenment is the identification of our true nature. It is the essential experience of ‘being aware’ of Awareness itself. This does not share the limits or destiny of the body. This understanding is then integrated into every part of our daily lives.

Who am I? What is my real nature? – Billy Doyle

When you begin to understand that the mind cannot understand, at that moment innocence arises, you come to the feeling ‘I don’t know’, ‘I don’t know’. In not knowing I would say, you become open, you become available, you become available for that you cannot think that is beyond the mind, but that which is…

Advaita Vedanta ~ An Introduction

Advaita Vedanta refers to the non-duality school of Hindu philosophy. This in turn springs from the Upanishads. This is elaborated intimately by eminent scholars like Gaudapada and Sri Adi Shankaracharya. Dvaita means duality and Advaita means non-duality. In other words, Advaita means the absence of the duality between subject and object.

Ramana Maharshi ~ The Sage of Arunachala

The Upadesa given by Ramana Maharshi was secret in a sense. Although questions were asked to him and he answered them in public. his guidance to each of his disciples was direct and adapted to the latter’s character. He believed that the spiritual instructions must be provided to the people to uplift them.