Rupert Spira

Happiness ~ Rupert Spira

“Happiness is simply to allow everything to be exactly as it is from moment to moment.” – Rupert Spira

Screen ~ Rupert Spira

“In other words, in reality, there are not two things—one, the screen and two, the document or image. There is just the screen.” – Rupert Spira

Knowing of our own Being ~ Rupert Spira

“However, love, peace and happiness are inherent in the knowing of our own being. In fact, they are the knowing of being. They are simply” – Rupert Spira

Self Knowing ~ Rupert Spira

“And this ‘knowing’ is our self, aware presence. In other words, all that is ever experienced is our self knowing itself, awareness aware of awareness.” – Rupert Spira

Rupert Spira ~ the man and his teachings

Enlightenment is the identification of our true nature. It is the essential experience of ‘being aware’ of Awareness itself. This does not share the limits or destiny of the body. This understanding is then integrated into every part of our daily lives.