Complaining strengthens ego ~ Eckhart Tolle

“The ego loves to strengthen itself by complaining—either in thoughts or words—about other people, the situation you find yourself in, something that is happening right now but “shouldn’t be,” and even about yourself.” –Eckhart Tolle

Turmoil ~ Osho

“What are your thoughts except ripples on a lake? What are your emotions, your moods, your sentiments? What is your whole mind? – just a turmoil. And because of this turmoil you cannot see your own nature. You go on missing yourself.” -Osho

Suffer ~ Adyashanti

“When we believe what we think, when we take our thinking to be reality, we will suffer.” ― Adyashanti

Let go of all ideas ~ Adyashanti

“Let go of all ideas and images in your mind, they come and go and aren’t even generated by you. So why pay so much attention to your imagination when reality is for the realizing right now?” ― Adyashanti

Awareness ~ Jeff Foster

“Just as the ocean allows every wave, Awareness allows every thought and feeling.” – Jeff Foster

Self is beyond ~ Ramana Maharshi

“The absence of thought does not mean a blank. there must be one to know the blank. knowledge and ignorance are of the mind; they are born of duality. but the self is beyond knowledge and ignorance. it is light itself.” – Ramana Maharshi

Roots ~ Rumi

“Maybe you are searching among the branches for what only appears in the roots.” – Rumi

Miracle ~ Osho

Meditation means: Remaining unrelated with your thought process. Utterly unrelated, cool, calm. Watching whatsoever is passing. And then a miracle happens.- Osho