How Vipassana can help break the habit pattern of the mind ~ S.N.Goenka

You have started changing the habit pattern of your mind by observing sensation and understanding its nature of impermanence. This stops the blind habit pattern of reacting to the sensation and multiplying the vicious cycle of misery.

Initially in an hour you get a few seconds or a few minutes of not reacting. But eventually, with practice, you reach a stage where throughout the hour you do not react at all. At the deepest level you do not react at all. A deep change is coming in the old habit pattern.

Osho quotes on how to use Sex as a Meditation

In fact, the sex act is not really a dialogue between a man and a woman. It is a dialogue of man with nature, through woman, and of a woman with nature, through man. It is a dialogue with nature. For a moment you are in the cosmic flow; you are in the celestial harmony; you are one with the whole. In this way, man is fulfilled through woman, and woman through man.

Deep Meditation is an experience of Death in life ~ Osho

You come to your innermost center where there is only pure awareness. That pure awareness will be with you when you die because that cannot be taken away. All these other things which can be taken away, we take away with our own hands in meditation.

The four parts of the Mind ~ S.N. Goenka

In the referenced video, S.N. Goenka goes on to explain the four different parts of the mind.

1. Vinnyana or Consciousness
2. Sanya or Perception
3. Vedhana or Sensation
4. Sankhara or Reaction

Knowing and loving the ~ Energy Body ~ Select quotes from Jane Klein

We must look at our body completely objectively, as we look at a tree or a table or any object which does not have a strong psychological impact on us. We will then feel, without comment, the weight, contraction, agitation, and so on.

We accept the facts without psychological: interference. In accepting the sensation of the body—accepting, not tolerating—the various sensations can come fully into our acceptance, our awareness.

Select quotations on Self Enquiry and Centering Awareness from the Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra

When the awareness has abandoned one object and remains fixed without moving on to another object, then through the state in between (the two) the supreme realisation will unfold. ~ Verse 62

One should concentrate on the state when sleep has not yet come, but the external awareness has disappeared (between waking and sleep)—there the supreme Goddess reveals herself. ~ Verse 75

Osho on seeing things just as they are

“Start seeing things without naming them, without labeling them, without saying good or bad, without dividing them. Just see and allow the fact to be there in your presence without any judgement, condemnation, appreciation, whatsoever ~ Osho

You know nothing ~ Krishnamurti

Forget all you know about yourself; forget all you have ever thought about yourself; start as if you know nothing. — Krishnamurti

Essential core of Osho’s Teaching

Witnessing is concerned with the body, the second with the mind, the third with the heart. And when you become capable of watching the third too, the fourth happens on its own accord. Suddenly a quantum leap and you are standing exactly at the very center of your being, where there is nothing to be aware of. Awareness is aware of itself, Consciousness is conscious of itself.