Dynamic Meditation

Men and women are mirrors for each other ~ Osho

When a woman travels the path of love and opens to spiritual rebirth, she will flower into consciousness. When a man travels the path of awareness and meditation, he will find himself flowering into love. Men and women are mirrors for each other. We simply need to learn to polish our mirrors till they shine.

Intrinsic value ~ Osho

“As it is, the world has trapped you in a miserable pattern: What you are doing is not good because you love it, because you do it perfectly, but because the world recognizes it, rewards it, gives you gold medals, Nobel prizes. They have taken away the whole intrinsic value of creativity and destroyed millions…

The beauty of the unconscious ~ Osho

“The beauty of the unconscious is that it never lies because it has never been part of civilization. It has never been educated, it has never been turned into a hypocrite; it is very simple, very innocent. It simply says whatsoever is the case.” – Osho

Miracle ~ Osho

Meditation means: Remaining unrelated with your thought process. Utterly unrelated, cool, calm. Watching whatsoever is passing. And then a miracle happens.- Osho

Your body represents the whole of existence ~ Osho

“In your body is the water of the oceans, in your body is the fire of the stars and the suns, in your body is the air, your body is made of earth. Your body represents the whole of existence, all the elements.” – Osho

Quick Meditation from Osho on Anxiety

When you feel deep anxiety, just call you name – not any name, but your name – and then reply to it, say “Yes sir, I am here” and feel the difference. Anxiety will not be there. Atleast for a single moment you have a glimpse beyond the clouds, and that glimpse can be deepened.…

Seek and Find where your home is ~ Osho

Without suffering nobody can become aware. That’s why birds are not aware – They are not in suffering. Trees are not aware, They are not in suffering. Only man suffers: Man is a special case. You have been thrown astray so that you have to seek and find where your home is. – Osho

Osho ~ I am an Invitation

Unless it is your a priority concern, your ultimate concern, that even if it is needed, you are even ready to lose everything for it, but you cannot drop it, there are thousands of desires but as far as longing is concerned there is only one and that is you come back home, to find…

Dynamic Meditation ~ Osho’s Gift to Humanity

Osho believed that cathartic methods were necessary to follow dynamic meditation. This was because it was difficult for modern people to sit and enter meditation. He went on to say that he never told people to begin sitting. With a mad dance, you begin to become aware of a silent point within you.

Who Was Osho?

Guru Rajneesh’s delivered his teachings through his many discourses and lectures. They were interspersed with jokes and not presented in an academic setting. The emphasis of his discourses was not static and changed over time. Rajneesh’s works reveled in paradox and contrarian view.