Atmananda Krishna Menon

The I-principle ~ Atmananda krishna menon

By reducing objects into Consciousness or happiness, you come only to the brink of experience. Reduce them further into the ‘I’-principle; and then ‘it’, the object, and ‘you’, the subject, both merge into experience itself. – Atmananda krishna menon

The word ‘I’ ~ Atmananda Krishna Menon

The word ‘I’ has the advantage of taking you direct to the core of your self. But you must be doubly sure that you will no longer return to identification with the body ― Atmananda Krishna Menon

Human Effort ~ Atmananda Krishna Menon

The human effort consists of creating bondage for oneself, clinging fast to it, and wanting to become free without giving up bondage itself. ― Atmananda Krishna Menon