Billy Doyle

Trust the infinite ~ Billy Doyle

“There comes a time, when you have to let go all the words, all the teaching and trust the infinite.” ― Billy Doyle, The Mirage of Separation

Billy Doyle ~ The Poet of Non Duality

Billy Doyle’s approach is influenced by Jean Klein. This approach of Billy is based on the traditional art of listening to our bodies. We humans do not actually know the real body. Through accumulated tensions and living in the head, the body too has become an idea rather than something living, something that can be…

Who am I? What is my real nature? – Billy Doyle

When you begin to understand that the mind cannot understand, at that moment innocence arises, you come to the feeling ‘I don’t know’, ‘I don’t know’. In not knowing I would say, you become open, you become available, you become available for that you cannot think that is beyond the mind, but that which is…