Osho Meditation ~ Using Imagination

First thing in the morning, imagine yourself tremendously happy. Get out of bed in a very happy mood – radiant, bubbling, expectant – as if something perfect, of infinite value, is going to happen today. Get out of the bed in a very positive and hopeful mood, with the feeling that this day is not going to be an ordinary day – that something exceptional, extraordinary, is waiting for you; something is very close by.

Try and remember it again and again for the whole day. Within seven days you will see that your whole pattern, your whole style, your whole vibration, has changed. When you go to sleep in the night, just imagine that you are falling into divine hands…as if existence is supporting you, that you are in its lap, falling asleep. Just visualize it and fall asleep. The one thing to carry is that you should go on imagining and let sleep come, so that the imagination enters into sleep; they are overlapping. 

Don’t imagine any negative thing, because if people who have an imaginative capacity imagine negative things, they start happening. If you think that you are going to get ill, you will get ill. If you think that somebody is going to be rude to you, he will be. Your very imagination will create the situation. So if a negative idea comes, immediately change it to a positive thought. Say no to it. Drop it immediately; throw it away. 

Within a week you will start feeling that you are becoming very happy – for no reason at all.   

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Quick Meditation ~ Throwing Things Out

Throwing Things Out


Whenever you feel that the mind is not tranquil-  tense, worried, Chattering, Anxious, Constantly dreaming –  

Do one thing, first exhale deeply. Always start by exhaling. Exhale deeply, as much as you can throw the air out.

Throwing out the air, the mood will be thrown out too because breathing is everything.  and then expel the breath as far as possible. pull the belly in and retain for a few seconds.

Don’t inhale, let the air be out, and don’t inhale for a few seconds.  then allowed the body to inhale. Inhale deeply – as much as you can. Again stop for a few seconds. The gap should be the same as when you retain the breath out –

If you retain it out for three seconds, retain the breath in for three seconds. throw it out and hold for 3 seconds; take it in and hold for 3 seconds. but it has to be thrown out completely,  exhale totally and inhale totally and make a rhythm.

Breathe in; hold; breathe out; hold. Breathe in; hold; breathe out;  hold. Immediately you will feel the change coming into your whole being.  The mood will go, a new climate will enter into you.

Quick Meditation ~ Making Faces

Making Faces


When: At night before sleeping.

Duration: 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 1:  Sit on the bed start making faces- just as small children do: good, bad, ugly, beautiful- so the whole face and musculature start moving. At the same time make nonsense sounds and sway.

Step 2:  Go to sleep.

Step 3: In the morning before you take your bath, again start before the mirror and for 10 minutes make faces. Standing before the mirror will help you more will be able to see and you will be able to respond.