I ness

The I-principle ~ Atmananda krishna menon

By reducing objects into Consciousness or happiness, you come only to the brink of experience. Reduce them further into the ‘I’-principle; and then ‘it’, the object, and ‘you’, the subject, both merge into experience itself. – Atmananda krishna menon

The word ‘I’ ~ Atmananda Krishna Menon

The word ‘I’ has the advantage of taking you direct to the core of your self. But you must be doubly sure that you will no longer return to identification with the body ― Atmananda Krishna Menon

Follow Silence ~ Jean klein

“Go deeply into the urge to be silent and not the mental interference of how, where and when. If you follow silence to its source you can be taken by it in a moment.” ― Jean Klein, Who Am I?: The Sacred Quest

Importance of understanding ~ Jean Klien

“What is important is neither pleasure nor pain, success nor failure, what is important is to understand that neither of them have any importance whatsoever. This understanding calls for peace, calm and serenity.” ― Jean Klein, Be Who You Are