Guru Puja Salutation Mantra Chant by Krishna Das

Guru Puja Salutation Mantra Chant by Krishna Das
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Guru Puja Salutation Mantra Chant

Listen to a beautiful Guru Puja Salutation Mantra Chant sung by Krishna Das on the salutation, reverence and meditation for a Guru.

In the spiritual perspective, a Guru is a teacher and guide who helps us evolve, learn and reach to higher states of existence with love, grace and deep insights. Debt to one’s Guru is unrepayable and we are only left with a sense of deep gratitude for the Guru.

It is not necessary that a Guru should be a Person. Anything that causes our evolution can be called a guru, for e.g. a section of Spiritual followers believe Arunachala, a Mountain in South India to be their Guru. Read more about that here

Krishna Das, a musician practices singing and chanting of Spiritual Kirtan. He is the creator of this beautiful Guru Puja Salutation Song.

Link to the Guru Puja Mantra Chant Song is below and lyrics follow after that.


Please see lyrics to the beautiful Guru Puja Salutation Mantra Chant song in Sanskrit (English letters) and its translation in English. These are as taken from

Banda-ooñ guru pada kanj, kripaa sindu nara roopa hari,
mahaa moha tama punja jaasu ravi kara nikara

I bow to the lotus feet of my Guru, who is an ocean of grace and is Sri Hari in human form, whose words are sunbeams for dispersing the mass of darkness of gross ignorance.

Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwara
Guru Saakshat  parabrahma , Tasmai Shree guruvey namaha
I bow to you, revered Guru. You are Brahma, the creator; Vishnu, the preserver; and Maheshwara, the destroyer; you are directly the limitless Brahman.

Akhanda mandalaa kaaruñ vyaaptam yena charaa charañ
Tatpadam darshitam yena, tasmai shree guruvey namaha
I bow to you, revered Guru. By your Grace the One Infinite Reality that pervades the cosmos is revealed.

Na Guroradhikam tatwam, na guroradhikam tapaha
Na guroradhikam jnaanam,  tasmai Shree guruvey namaha
I bow to you, revered Guru. There is no truth higher than you; no higher discipline than obedience to you; and no knowledge higher than you.

Dhyaana mulam guro murtih, puja mulam guro padam
Mantra mulam guro vakyam, moksha mulam guro kripaa
Your form is the root of meditation. Your feet are the root of worship. Your word is the root of mantra. Your grace is the root of liberation.

Guru Madhye stitaa maataa, maitri madhye stito guru
Guru maataa namaste stu maatri gurum namamyaham

Shree Guru Charanam
From the feet of the guru,

Shree Hari Sharanam
One gets refuge in God

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