Call Off The Search – A Beautiful Documentary on Papaji

A few wise souls come about every now and then to inspire us, guide us and put us on the right track.

One of these was ‘Papaji’


Shri H. W. L. Poonja or Papaji as he was also fondly called, was born Hariwansh Lal Poonja on 13th October 1910 in the then Punjab, or British India. He was an Indian sage and Jivanmukta who emulated Ramana Maharshi and taught self-inquiry.

He helped many people get rid of their pathological identifications using concepts that denote who they are. He also has made them realize who they have always been in truth. This help has taken the form of creativity, kindness, humor, wisdom, and other human virtues. These virtues are expected to be found in anyone who is free from ego.

Documentary on Papaji

This documentary, shot and produced in Lucknow in 1993, includes interviews with Papaji along with rare footage of Sri Ramana Maharshi. There are also testimonials from some of the many people who have attained freedom through Papaji’s presence and grace.

Call off the Search captures Papaji beautifully, as he discusses the nature of enlightenment and the impediments, which seem to obscure it. His message is clear, “We already are That for which we are seeking.”

Please let us know you thoughts and feelings about the teachings of Papaji and your experience of the documentary.

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We leave you with a beautiful quote from Papaji

The first question is: Who are you?

I am That from where you, me, she, he, and all the rest emerge. I am That.


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