Osho quotes on how to use Sex as a Meditation

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels.com

Once you can become a witness in the sex act you will transcend sex, because
in witnessing you become free.


So use sex as an act of meditation. Do not fight it, do not go against it.

You cannot fight with nature; you are part and parcel of it. You must have a
friendly, sympathetic attitude toward sex. It is the deepest dialogue between
you and nature.


In fact, the sex act is not really a dialogue between a man and a woman. It
is a dialogue of man with nature, through woman, and of a woman with nature,
through man. It is a dialogue with nature. For a moment you are in the cosmic
flow; you are in the celestial harmony; you are one with the whole. In this
way, man is fulfilled through woman, and woman through man.


Man is not whole and woman is not whole. They are two fragments of one
whole. So whenever they become one in the sexual act, they can be in harmony
with the innermost nature of things, with the Tao. This harmony can be a
biological birth for a new being. If you are unaware, that is the only
possibility. But if you are aware, the act can become a birth for you, a
spiritual birth. You will be twice-born through it.