Is it possible to Meditate without any technique? ~ Osho

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You are asking, “Is it possible to meditate without any technique?”

It is not only possible, it is the only possibility. No technique is needed at all — as far as meditation is concerned.

But what are you going to do with your mind? Your mind will create a thousand and one difficulties. Those techniques are needed to remove the mind from the way, to create a space in which the mind becomes quiet, silent, almost absent.

Then meditation happens on its own accord. It is not a question of technique. You don’t have to do anything.

Meditation is something natural, something that is already hidden inside you and is trying to find its way to reach to the open sky, to the sun, to the air. But mind is surrounding it from all sides; all doors are closed, all windows are closed.

The techniques are needed to open the windows, to open the doors. And immediately the whole sky is available to you, with all its stars, with all its beauty, with all its sunsets, with all its sunrises.