Vipassana can break the barrier between the conscious and the unconscious mind ~ S.N.Goenka

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What is called the unconscious mind is actually not unconscious, as at all times it remains in contact with this body.

And with this contact of the body a sensation keeps arising, because every chemical that flows in your body generates a particular type of sensation.

You feel a sensation-pleasant, unpleasant or neutral, whatever it is-and with the feeling of this sensation, you keep reacting.

At the depth of your mind you keep reacting with craving, with aversion, with craving, with aversion.

You keep on generating different types of sankharas, different types of negativities, different types of impurities, and the process of multiplication continues.

You can’t stop it because there is such a big barrier between the conscious and the unconscious mind.

When you practice Vipassana you break this barrier.


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