Knowing and loving the ~ Energy Body ~ Select quotes from Jane Klein

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The body is memory. It is not your body which wakes up in the morning but your memory.

The body is the past. It is a crystallized pattern of reactions, resistances, fears and so on. For example, when you were a child perhaps you did not follow your lessons in school and, walking home with your school report, you were afraid of your parents’ anger or disappointment.

After several repetitions this feeling of fear becomes chronic and manifests as a permanent contraction of muscles and joints in your body.

We must look at our body completely objectively, as we look at a tree or a table or any object which does not have a strong psychological impact on us. We will then feel, without comment, the weight, contraction, agitation, and so on.

We accept the facts without psychological: interference. In accepting the sensation of the body—accepting, not tolerating—the various sensations can come fully into our acceptance, our awareness.

You feel the agitation of the body. You are all sensation. There is no psychological commentary. There is not a feeler, nothing felt. There is only feeling. The sensation, the weight, the agitation, etc., then become really articulated.

For the fully established one, the body-mind is truth because it is a perfect expression of truth. Only such a one knows what the “temple of God” means. Take care of your temple!

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