Osho on Depression ~ When Depressed, be Depressed

Photo by hansskuy on Pexels.com

“Remember this: whenever you are depressed, wait for the moment that the depression goes. Nothing lasts forever: the depression will go. When the depression leaves you, wait – be aware and alert – because after the depression, after this night, there will be a dawn, the sun will rise.

If you can be alert in that moment, you will be happy that you were depressed. You will be grateful that you were depressed because only through that depression, this possibility; only through that depression, this moment of happiness.”

“But what do we do? – we move in an infinite regression. We get depressed, and then we get depressed because of the depression: a second depression follows. If you are depressed, that’s okay, nothing is wrong in it. It is beautiful because through it you will learn and mature. But then you feel badly: ‘Why do I get depressed? I should not get depressed.’ Then you start fighting with the depression. The real depression is good, but the second depression is unreal – and this unreal depression will cloud your mind. You will miss the moment that would have followed the real depression.”

“When depressed, be depressed. Simply be depressed. Don’t get depressed about your depression. When depressed, simply be depressed. Don’t fight it, don’t create any diversion; don’t force it to go. Just allow it to happen, it will go by itself. Life is a flux, nothing remains. You are not needed: the river moves by itself, you are not to push it. If you are trying to push it, you are simply foolish.

The river flows by itself – allow it to flow.”

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