Mystic Rose Meditation by Osho

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“I have invented many meditations, but perhaps this will be the most essential and fundamental one.” 



Mystic Rose Meditation is an Osho Meditative Therapy which is said to have The Healing Power of Laughter, Tears, and Silence


Osho Says

“It has three steps. All are designed for a particular purpose: to bring out all the poison from your being that has been injected by every generation for centuries”

The First Step

For seven days one laughs for no reason at all for three hours each day.

Osho Says

Laughter is the first step. One of the great writers, Norman Cousins, has just now written of his life-long experiment: that if he laughs for twenty minutes without any reason, all his tensions disappear. His consciousness grows, the dust disappears. “You will see it yourself; if you can laugh without any reason, you will see something repressed within you… From your very childhood you have been told not to laugh – ‘Be serious!’ You have to come out of that repressive conditioning.

The Second Step

For the second seven days, one cries for no reason at all for three hours a day.

Osho Says

“The second step is tears. Tears have been repressed even more deeply. It has been told to us that tears are a symptom of weakness – they are not. Tears can cleanse not only your eyes, but your heart too. They soften you, it is a biological strategy to keep you clean, to keep you unburdened. If the whole world can learn to cry and weep again it will be a tremendous transformation, a metamorphosis”

The Third Step

For the third seven days, one is in silence for three hours a day.

Osho Says

“The third step is silence. I have called it ‘The Watcher on the Hills.’ Become as silent as if you are alone on the top of an Himalayan peak, utterly silent and alone, just watching, listening… sensitive, but still.”


This, This, A Thousand Times This: The Very Essence of Zen, Talk #1


The Mystic Rose is offered at the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune. Please refer the link below to read more about it.

Watch the video below for a quick introduction

“My own experience says to me that if you can laugh rightly, in the right moment, it will bring you out of unconsciousness into the open sky, from the darkness to the light. I am introducing laughter as a meditation because nothing makes you so total as laughter; nothing makes you stop your thinking as laughter does. Just for a moment you are no more a mind. Just for a moment you are no more in time. Just for a moment you have entered into another space where you are total and whole and healed.” 


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