The Power of Now – A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment ~ By Eckhart Tolle

Book Introduction:

Eckhart Tolle is well known for his book ‘The Power of Now’.  The was published in 2004 by Hodder Australia. It consists of a total of 235 pages. These 235 pages compile into 10 chapters. The majority of these chapters are based on the human mind, consciousness, spiritual enlightenment. It also focuses on the mental strategies, conditioned being,  internal body. The book eventually talks about awakened relationships, happiness, and peace, the meaning of giving in. The author used a simple question-answer pattern to arrive at different theories and results. Tolle uses natural terms for easy understanding. The book gives a strong, plain message. The message that there is a way out of pain and suffering. We can transcend into a life of tranquility and peace. 

Tolle wrote this book especially for people who are still looking for their unanswered questions. The answers related to the purpose of human life in this Consumerist world. The main goal of the book is to instill the element of ‘conscious manifestation’. It is the greatest fulfillment in human life to be self-conscious, To realize the ‘inner self’. It focuses on the important task of human Metamorphosis in a spiritual way. It sheds some light on reducing or eradicating the misery from peoples’ lives. The author tried to work upon the ‘self-realization’ and ‘inner peace’. He does it by giving examples in detail on inner body recognition and, a feeling of internal freedom. It renounces the mental as well as emotional struggles to the ‘suchness’ of the current moments and situations.

Author Introduction:

Eckhart Tolle was born Ulrich Leonard Tolle on 16th February 1948. He is a spiritual teacher and a best-selling author. He is a German-born resident of Canada. Tolle is best known as the author of two well-known books, The Power of Now and A New Earth: Awakening Your Life’s Purpose.

In 2008, the New York Times named Tolle “The most renowned  spiritual author in the United States.” In 2011, he was listed by Watkins Review as the most spiritually influential person in the world. Tolle cannot be said to be adhering to one religion. Yet, he has been influenced by a wide variety of spiritual works.

At the age of 19, he moved to England and there for three years. He taught German and Spanish at the London School of Languages. When he was there, he was troubled by “depression, anxiety, and fear” and he began “searching for answers” in his life.

Tolle suffered through a long period of depression after which his life turned when he underwent an ‘inner transformation’. This was just after his twenty-ninth birthday. Tolle devoted his next few years to understanding, merging, and intensifying this transformation. This decided the origin of an extraordinary inner journey.  Visit his website for more information on the author.

Excerpts from the book

The following excerpt is taken from the book ‘The power of now’ by Eckhart Tolle, Chapter One:  You Are Not Your Mind.

The Greatest Obstacle to Enlightenment

The word enlightenment conjures up the idea of some super-human accomplishment, and the ego likes to keep it that way, but it is simply your natural state of felt oneness with Being. It is a state of connectedness with something immeasurable and indestructible, something that, almost paradoxically, is essentially you and yet is much greater than you. It is finding your true nature beyond name and form. The inability to feel this connectedness gives rise to the illusion of separation, from yourself and from the world around you. You then perceive yourself, consciously or unconsciously, as an isolated fragment. Fear arises, and conflict within and without becomes the norm.

You used the word Being. Can you explain what you mean by that?

Being is the eternal, ever-present One Life beyond the myriad forms of life that are subject to birth and death. However, Being is not only beyond but also deep within every form as its innermost invisible and indestructible essence. This means that it is accessible to you now as your own deepest self, your true nature. But don’t seek to grasp it with your mind. Don’t try to understand it. You can know it only when the mind is still. When you are present when your attention is fully and intensely in the Now, Being can be felt, but it can never be understood mentally. To regain awareness of Being and to abide in that state of “feeling-realization” is enlightenment.

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Reviews of the book:

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
By Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle’s message is simple: living in the now is the truest path to happiness and enlightenment. And while this message may not seem stunningly original or fresh, Tolle’s clear writing, supportive voice, and enthusiasm make this an excellent manual for anyone who’s ever wondered what exactly “living in the now” means. Foremost, Tolle is a world-class teacher, able to explain complicated concepts in concrete language. More importantly, within a chapter of reading this book, readers are already holding the world in a different container–more conscious of how thoughts and emotions get in the way of their ability to live in genuine peace and happiness.

Tolle packs a lot of information and inspirational ideas into The Power of Now. (Topics include the source of Chi, enlightened relationships, creative use of the mind, impermanence, and the cycle of life.) Thankfully, he’s added markers that symbolize “break time”. This is when readers should close the book and mull over what they just read. As a result, The Power of Now reads like the highly acclaimed A Course in Miracles–a spiritual guidebook that has the potential to inspire just as many study groups and change just as many lives for the better. —Gail Hudson for

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