Jeff Foster ~ This is not a Teaching and I am not a Teacher

Who is Jeff Foster?

Jeff Foster is one of the most active believers in spirituality and the philosophy of finding oneself. He was born in 1980 in London. After completing his graduation in Astrophysics from Cambridge University, he went into a long phase of depression and personal breakdown. Later, when he moved back to live with his parents, he worked hard on himself. Finally, he got deep into working with spirituality and its power. 

After studying spirituality for over ten years, Foster felt relieved from depression and found mental peace. He often mentioned this phase of his life as the spiritual awakening. Then onwards, Jeff has shown more interest in spirituality and guided many of his followers to the path of finding oneself. He believes in finding the real person in you. It may be different from who you are now but finding it is essential. His teachings are quite simple but effective. He believes in meditation because he feels it is the most effective way to get rid of the stress and struggle of life. The more focused you are, the more productive you can be. His style of teaching is also different from other spiritual teachers. 

Currently, Jeff conducts several meetings and conferences. Here he shares words on finding oneself. He also makes himself available for one-to-one sessions for dealing with one’s mental health.  He has written books in 15 languages so far, and all his books are on living a spiritual life. 

His Teachings

He has always considered himself as a guide but not a teacher. There is nothing in spirituality that one can teach. It is a feeling that should be coming from inside the human. For this to happen, being you is essential, and finding the inner you is more important. This is all that Foster shares through his teachings. 

Being together with everyone around is a common habit, but finding the real you is more important. Being in an ocean separating a few drops of water might sound challenging, but that is what one should do. It is good to be with family and friends, but one should not forget their inner human. Through all his teachings, Foster has always mentioned that finding internal happiness is not a rejection of other habits or style of life. It is a practice that can help you to be a better person, after all. If you don’t know about yourself, then you may not understand peace, love, and spirituality. 

Leading a simple and different life does not make a person weak. Instead, the habit of being spiritual helps to find balance in life. The feeling is beyond words and our regular life. It’s divine and intimate. Being spiritual allows you to express the divine feeling and make a change in life.

Leading a regular life is not what you want. Finding the path beyond life and death is what makes you spiritual. There should be no fear of losing anything. This calm and stress-free mind is what Foster wants to promote through his teachings.

Popular Quotes

“Since everything is only an illusion, perfect in being what it is, having nothing to do with good or bad, acceptance or rejection, one might as well burst out laughing! – Longchenpa”

― Jeff Foster, Falling in Love with Where You Are

“The word “depressed” is spoken phonetically as “deep rest”. We can view depression not as a mental illness, but on a deeper level, as a profound, and very misunderstood, state of deep rest, entered into when we are completely exhausted by the weight of our own identity.”

― Jeff Foster

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