The Diamond in Your Pocket ~ By Gangaji

Book Introduction:

The Diamond in your pocket from Gangaji is a transparent and strong collection of her teachings.

Gangaji grants everyone an easy, captivating message: “stop all movement of your mind away from the truth so that you can discover directly, for yourself, this jewel that is alive within you”. “In a little instant”, “and without a single asana!”, “any of us can wake up to who we truly are. Gangaji challenges us to just stop. Stop searching, stop thinking, be still, just be”, “go deeper into the silence of our own hearts and be still in that pure presence. Euphoria.”

The book is separated into four sections. “The Invitation: Discovering the Truth of Who You Are” dares readers to access the means of self-inquiry. “Beyond the Mind, Deeper than Emotion” encompasses the risks. It also accepts the parodies that befall with investigating the truth or satisfaction outside ourselves. “Unraveling the Knot of Suffering” focuses on our capacity to escape from emotions and discomfort rather than view them as a representation of our internal state. “Choosing Peace” sets forth the concept of surrendering to our primary self is the path to inner liberation and profound knowledge. 

Spattered throughout are infiltrating questions to ponder: Who am I? What is this life about? What do I really want? Gangaji advises tenacious self-inquiry to expose not the solutions, but the jewel inside yourself. The book is a warm, infiltrating guide to coming into pure ubiquity. It is ideal for people who haven’t yet encountered Satsang with Gangaji. It is a welcoming revival for those who have listened but somehow lost their path of her heartfelt invitation. 

Author Introduction:

Gangaji, born Toni Robertson, grew up in Mississippi. Like most Americans, sought out significance in relationships, career, activism, and spiritual practice. Her journey completed in 1990 when she met Sri Poonjaji, a disciple of Sri Ramana Maharshi, in India. She relinquished her own shining internal self and obtained all she ever wanted was inside her heart. Her mentor gave her the name Gangaji. This book is constituted of a collection of transcribed records from her discussions in public conferences since 1990. These discourses overlap each other, contributing many ways to hear the same guidance.  

Gangaji uses language that is both tender and honest to assist readers to see how our own ego. “our own story about who we are stands in the way of encountering the true self, the peace within.” 

Excerpts from the book:

The following excerpt is taken from the book on ‘You’.

“There is a story my teacher liked to tell about a consummate diamond thief who sought to steal only the most exquisite of gems. This thief would hang around the diamond district to see who was purchasing a gem so that later he could pick their pocket.

“One day he saw a well-known diamond merchant purchase the jewel he had been waiting for all his life. It was the most beautiful, the most pristine, the purest of diamonds. He was very excited, and so he followed the diamond merchant as he boarded the train, getting into the same compartment. He spent an entire three-day journey trying to pick the merchant’s pocket and obtain the diamond. When the end of the journey came and he hadn’t found the gem, he was very frustrated. He was an accomplished thief, and although he had employed all his skills, he still was not able to steal this rare and precious jewel.

“When the diamond merchant got off the train, the pickpocket followed him once again. Finally, he just couldn’t stand it anymore, and he walked up to the merchant and said, ‘Sir, I am a renowned diamond thief. I saw you purchase that beautiful diamond, so I followed you onto the train. Though I used all the skills of my art, which have been perfected over many years, I was not able to find the gem. I must know your secret. Tell me, please, how did you hide it from me?’

“The diamond merchant replied, ‘Well, I saw you watching me in the diamond district, and I suspected you were a pickpocket. So I hid the diamond where I thought you would be least likely to look for it — in your own pocket!’ He then reached into the thief’s pocket and pulled out the diamond.”

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Reviews of the book:

The Diamond in Your Pocket: Discovering Your True Radiance

by Gangaji, Eckhart Tolle (Foreword)

A master thief waited his whole life to acquire the most beautiful diamond in the world. When he heard it had been purchased, he spent three days trying to steal the rare jewel. He failed.

Finally, the thief walked right up to the owner and asked, “How did you hide this precious jewel from me?”

To which the owner replied, “I placed it where I knew you would never look―in your own pocket!”

This insightful tale opens the first major book release from Gangaji―an American-born teacher who has influenced the lives of thousands of people through her public events.

In The Diamond in Your Pocket, Gangaji describes our never-ending search as human beings to find fulfillment―which, paradoxically, already exists if only we will stop long enough to experience it. Readers join Gangaji to learn more about:

How to let go of your need to control, and activate instead of the choice of where you put your mind’s attention

• Cultivating the courage to be vulnerable, so you can meet―and deeply merge with―the unknown

• How to unearth the roots of suffering―learn to stop replaying your life’s dramatic stories over and over, and much more

“As long as you are searching for it, it cannot be found, ” teaches Gangaji. Written as a series of short contemplations, The Diamond in Your Pocket shows you thought-by-thought how to stop the endless activity of your mind, and experience the brilliance and radiance of who you really are.

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