Sex Matters: From Sex to Super consciousness by Osho

Sex Matters: From Sex to Super consciousness by Osho

Book Introduction: Sex Matters : From Sex to Super Consciousness

Sex Matters : From Sex to Super Consciousness is a very significant book by Osho on diverse aspects of Sex in our lives. A mandatory-read for everyone!

He stresses on admitting sex as a natural element of our biology. He addresses the readers to understand it rather than denouncing or suppressing it.

Fascinatingly, this book is about spirituality rather than sex. It explains the route from the initial mark of sex towards the summit point of attaining super-consciousness.

Divided into three parts – The Summary of the Book is as follows

– From Sex to Superconsciousness:

Osho describes the true meaning of love. He partakes that Sex is a requisite attraction. It has to be recognized as a regular and common physiological activity.

Society has denounced it a lot which has led to corruption and suppression. In actuality, sex provides the first flash of Samadhi, of no-thought. The same spirit of sex when it soars upwards becomes superconsciousness.

– Sex Matters:

In this segment, Osho focuses on topics like deconstructing sexual conditioning. He speaks on the moral and the immoral, along with what are the illusions and the realities about sex.

– Neither Original nor Sin:

Osho states sex is not the original sin. His investigation is more submerged into the question of sex in day-to-day life. He bestows intenser perceptions related to spirituality.

He, again and again, reemphasizes his message of admitting sex as a routine part of our lives and eliminate any guilt connected with it.

Author Introduction:

Osho or Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh was born in Madhya Pradesh, India. He was born in 1931. He was a charming and talented orator who became the head of a new spiritual change worldwide.

Excerpts from the book:

Before we jump into the book, a little housekeeping: The following question is taken from the book and Osho’s reply to it:

Question: You were saying that mere sex will go on producing only more and more children; but what do you produce when you join sex with meditation?

Osho: You will produce yourself anew. You will find that you are not finished as you are. There are higher levels of your intelligence. of your consciousness; as you start producing those higher levels of your intelligence and consciousness, you will be surprised—your interest in sex starts disappearing, because now sex is producing something far greater than life, it is producing consciousness. Life is a lower thing; consciousness is a higher thing. And once you are capable of producing consciousness, then there is no barrier that says you cannot make love, but it will look very dull. It won’t give you any joy, it will look like a sheer waste of energy. You would rather use your energy to create higher and higher pyramids of consciousness in yourself until you reach to the ultimate point, which I call enlightenment.

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Reviews of the book:

From Sex to Superconsciousness

by  Osho

Osho has always put things in beautiful perspective for me

Osho has always put things in beautiful perspective for me. This book is nothing short of this, it goes into our cultural paradigm that gives sex a negative association and how that affects our behaviors. The book came in brand new condition. Its not heavy so it is convenient to bring with for a thoughtful read to question our mundane life views. My friend had the newer version of this book, which was shorter and larger print and quicker of a read. I enjoyed this version more because it has enough content to get see how Osho expands in different topics which was very insightful.

Review by strechysloth

Reviewed in the United States on May 31, 2016.

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