Babuji of Shahjahanpur ~ The Man and his Teachings

Babuji of Shahjahanpur

Who was Babuji of Shahjahanpur?

Babuji Maharaj was born as Ram Chandra. He was a native of Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh. Being a Saint was not the first choice he took. Before his tryst with spirituality, he had a stint as a clerk at a Shahjahanpur court. His father was a lawyer, and that led him to become a clerk at the court. There he served for about 30 years. After his wife’s demise, he chose to embrace spiritual practice completely. It was time for him to enter the last phase of his human life, which is Sannyas. 

His guru who famously known as Lalaji met him in 1922. Afterwards, with a few meetings between guru and his disciple, Lalaji left his physical body giving all responsibilities to carry forward his legacy to the future generations.

Teachings of Babuji: 

He never distinguished between people in regards to anything. Whether it be religion, caste, nationality, language, belief, everyone was the same for him. His teachings and guidance were limitless. He believed that knowledge of spirituality should be shared with everyone who wants to know about it. Throughout his spiritual journey, he talked about simple living, finding oneself. 

He emphasized the spiritual system of Raja Yoga in a simplified form. He made it easy for common people to practice Raja Yoga. He also emphasized the practice of self-realization. According to him, there were three major obstacles on the path of self-realization. These are: 

  • We try many things but without an attempt or a target.
  • We try so many things at once, which mostly leads to failure.
  • We don’t rely on ourselves. Having confidence in oneself is essential. 

He always said failures are experiences that help to move ahead and succeed. Don’t get demotivated with failure. It will help you learn for life. Don’t make the same mistake again and learn better life skills to achieve success. 

He taught to see every person with the same eye. Respect everyone irrespective of any relation, profession, age. He said these practices could help a person become more confident, focus, and do self-realization.

With his teachings, he roamed globally. You can find thousands of his disciples around the globe. His mission of establishing the Shri Ram Chandra Mission became a reality in 1945. His secretary of the mission Sri P Rajagopalachari from Chennai becomes his successor. Later Sri Parthasarathi became famous as Chariji. Babuji assigned Chariji as the representative of the system, now known as Heartfulness. 

Before he took his last breath, Babuji continued to practice the lessons received from his guru. He also invented Sahaj Marg, which is a living practice that he transferred to his disciples. It is a style of life that everyone should follow to be a better human. It can be said that it is a divine form of life that is full of calmness and natural beauty. 


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