Jeff Brown ~ A Grounded Spiritualist

Who is Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown, born in Toronto, Canada, is an author, teacher, grounded spiritualist, and Enrealment activist. He attempted all the things that would make him successful in the eyes of the world. As a young boy, there was a fire in him of self-discovery. His name figured in Dean’s honor list in university. He also won the law and medicine prize in law school.

He was working with the famous criminal lawyer Eddie Greenspan when sacred purpose called him in another direction. This was the time when spirituality attracted him. He veered toward looking inward in his life. His search to find the purpose of his life commenced thereafter. He changed direction and left the path of opening his own law practice and took up the spiritual path.

What are his teachings?

Jeff Brown is the teacher of the audio course.

The Sacred Feminine Rising Audio Course:

In this course, he teaches women how to heal the effects of unawakened men. This six-week downloadable audio course will support women in their efforts to heal wounds and move forward in their lives. This course has an additional 64-page e-book of written exercises and meditations. The course was created by Soulshaping and Apologies.

This course helps women support the healing process. This also leads to a transformation of the wounds, traumas, and negative self-beliefs inflicted on them by men. Through this course, Jeff also guides women to move through the five stages of healing. It gives a resolution on the path to empowerment and self-love.

Inner Child Rising Course:

This course offers to heal the effects of unawakened parents. This course is for those women and men who are on a healing journey. This 7-week downloadable audio course shows men and women how to transform wounds and patterns and move ahead in one’s life.

This course also offers an additional 67-page e-book of written exercises and meditations. This was also created by Soulshaping and Apologies. This course will heal and support the transformation of the wounds. This also helps them break the patterns, and negative self-beliefs inflicted by unawakened parents. In this course, Jeff guides us to move through six stages of healing and resolution on the path to empowerment and self-love.

Finding and Living Your Sacred Purpose Course:

It teaches us how to excavate and honor our sacred purpose. This is a 6-week online course. This course majorly supports the efforts to identify that you are here to walk. Along with the lessons you are there to learn, and the callings you are here to embrace. This course will support and excavate the clarification of your very unique path of purpose. Men and women taking this course will see the path that calls you. They will identify those emotional issues that block their path. Men and women will come to understand that these are fundamental to our purpose.

An Uncommon Bond:

Brown narrates a higher consciousness love story of Lowen and Sarah. These are two soulmates who have found their way to one another yet again. This intimate account is given through Lowen’s eyes. Lowen narrates his journey of experiencing the heights and depths that come with meeting his beloved.

In this story, Brown relates to us how the lovers touch the divine and then struggle to ground their love in their daily life. Here Brown’s lovers have to make a choice whether to surrender to their love or to step back and postpone it until their next lifetime.

Brown’s The Awakening Man:

A Healing and Transformational Course is only for men. This dynamic course is taught for six classes and it will help all men break from the shackles of their conditioning. It will help them clear the emotional debris. This baggage was blocking their aliveness. It helps them awaken to the fullness of their authentic selves. It will also help them discover their callings and find out their life purpose.

In this course, Brown teaches men to work through unresolved wounds. It helps them clear the emotional debris that is obstructing their energy and vitality. This course also helps men discover the life they were born for.

Jeff Brown also teaches other courses like The Abandonment Wound and  The Healing Course. Another course named, The Writing Your Way Home Course in which helps men and women explore their call to write. The Poetry Healing Course helps us to write from our heart and soul.


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