Mooji ~ The Man and His Teachings


Mooji was born Tony Paul Moo Young in Port Antonio, Jamaica in the year 1954. He became a Jamaican spiritual teacher based in the UK and Portugal.  

He was raised by his father along with his mother’s cousin, who had by then become his father’s lover. Mooji’s father expired when the former was eight. He was then raised by a strict uncle until he moved to London to be with his real mother as a teenager. Mooji’s spiritual quest began when he came across a Christian. Mooji continued to work as an art teacher until the year 1993 when he quit and went traveling to India.

In India, he met up with Papaji and attended his Satsangs. Mooji visited India to attend Papaji’s Satsangs over several years. Each time he returned to Brixton in London. Here he sold chai and incense sticks to make a living. 

He also gave away “thoughts for the day” rolled up in straws taken from McDonald’s. He became a spiritual teacher in the year 1999 when a group of spiritual seekers became his disciples. 

He began to produce books, CDs, and videos of his teachings. On Tony Moo becoming Mooji, he said “What can I say, except that it’s life”. Mooji’s brother Peter said that people had always followed him around wherever he went.

Teachings of Mooji

Mooji and his teachings

Mooji was inspired by Hinduism. Mooji’s disciples say that his satsangs are all “a meeting in truth”. Here people come from all parts of the world to ask questions about life and find peace and meaning in their lives. 

Mooji’s teachings are spiritual food that is neither esoteric nor hard to understand. Meeting attendees come one after the other in front of a large crowd and put personal questions to Mooji, which he answers. 

Mooji’s Satsangs was also described as being “a five-hour spiritual question and answer session”. In such sessions, devotees can ask questions related to spiritual contentment.

Followers of Mooji are looking for a more meaningful and less troubled life by connecting with their true selves. Mooji’s sessions can be compared to a public therapy session. Mooji is described as being someone who focuses on his devotees making them feel like they really matter. 

Mooji has one simple philosophy centered around the search for “I am”. This philosophy is not contingent on any religious or political influence. Devotees attending the Satsang compare Mooji to Jesus, and they often line up to receive a hug from him after his discourses.

Mooji describes his own teachings as being the easy path to enlightenment. What do you think about Mooji and his teachings ?

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