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Billy Doyle is a qualified Yoga teacher. He is also the author of the book: Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition with Billy Doyle. Billy studied with many other Yoga teachers and learned a variety of approaches. In 1982, Billy met Jean Klein who introduced him to the Yoga in Kashmir tradition.

Billy worked with the latter for many years each time attending his seminars in England, France, Holland, and the United States. Thus, Billy accumulated a lot of knowledge and he included that knowledge in his book-Yoga in the Kashmir tradition: The art of listening.

Billy Doyle is also the author of The Mirage of Separation. This is an accumulation of poems and prose written by him from a non-dualistic perspective. It covers subjects that include identification, time, spiritual path, desire, and silence.

Billy has also studied a variety of other body-related therapies. These include Eutony, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, and Craniosacral Therapy. Billy holds regular Yoga classes in London and interesting retreats in different regions of the country and abroad. He also runs meditation and pranayama workshops in Hampstead, London. Thus, Billy Jean along with Jean Klein made popular the practice of Yoga worldwide.

Billy Doyle’s approach

Billy Doyle’s approach is influenced by Jean Klein. This approach of Billy is based on the traditional art of listening to our bodies. We humans do not actually know the real body. Through accumulated tensions and living in the head, the body too has become an idea rather than something living, something that can be felt.

The inherent energy of the body is paralyzed in neuro-muscular tensions. Only in listening to the body without any anticipation or choice can the original energy feeling begin to manifest in our bodies. Thus, Billy Doyle encouraged people to listen to their bodies while they perform Yoga.

We, humans, are no longer accomplices to the reactions of the body in this listening and allowing the body to unfold. First, we will feel this tremendous energy in some parts of the body, and later we will come to the whole body as one mass of sensation. It is the feeling of energy that is the real healing factor in our bodies. Instead of the old patterns of heaviness, density, and resistance, we discover a body that feels lightweight, expanded, and transparent in space. We feel ourselves to be without a center, without borders, and one with space.

This feeling of openness leaves us free from our ego-centered world and leaves us open to deeper dimensions. Otherwise, the body is a defense mechanism to maintain our egos. If we follow the postures without first awakening our energy body, we merely reinforce the old patterns and make our practice meaningless.

Billy Boyle’s approach talks about the postures, meditation, breathing, freeing the senses, and transposing the teaching. Billy Doyle holds lectures and classes worldwide to teach people the importance of our bodies and their approach to living a simple life. Classes are held weekly in Highgate and Kew in London.

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