How can we involve Kriya Yoga in everyday life?

First and foremost, if we are to take this journey inwards, into our consciousness. we would first need to get a better understanding of what ‘Kriya Yoga’ is and how beneficial it can be for us. Kriya means activity or technique and yoga means spiritual oneness of mind body and soul. The union of the two makes it an activity that takes us on a journey towards spiritual awakening thereby, bringing us closer to understanding our actual self and the divine being that is the creator of us all.

Kriya Yoga is a scientific technique, that comprises of three major aspects that we as the Yogi must practice and harness so that we too can attain super consciousness. The four major aspects of Kriya Yoga are as follows.


By practicing all four aspects of Kriya Yoga, we free ourselves from an identity that was previously defined by our ego. Which means, we take the control of our lives back from the evils of an EGO based existence that sees self as a superior entity as compared to the rest of the world. By, taking back the control, our mind and soul is lead back towards our maker, this journey back to the point of our origin exudes immense pleasure and happiness as we become whole with our own self and GOD.

This spiritual journey awakens our true self that was previously bogged by worldly pleasure and our misguided thoughts, as we progress forward thereby, freeing our mind of negative thoughts, selfish aspirations, ego-centric desires, greed, and unquenchable want for more.

Sri M in one of his interviews was asked what Kriya Yoga means?

He answered “Kriya simply means a technique. In fact, Patanjali, explains his Yoga Sutras, his complete teaching as Kriya. It means also following rules and regulations – Yamas and Niyamas, – You can’t do kriya without doing that. You need to change your character first. Otherwise, Kriya is not going to be effective. Kriya is a technique to balance the prana, which is dissipated through the many Nadis, after which it becomes possible for you to move one-pointedly in the spiritual path.”

How can we implement Kriya Yoga in everyday life?

Anyone can involve Kriya Yoga in their daily life, as it is a practice that won’t take more than 20-30 mins of your time. However, being dedicated and committed to its daily practice is the prerequire to unlocking maximum health benefits. You can easily follow up on these steps and make it a part of your everyday life.

• You must make yourself comfortable, sit in on a flat surface in Padma asana posture.

• Your back posture should be upright, with fingers in a lotus position. (i.e. your fingers winded up and thumbs meeting each other slightly.)

• Now keep your eyes closed whilst focusing on a singular target. As you continue to do that, remember to relax your body for 5 minutes.

• Focus on calming your inner senses and mind by only thinking about one singular thought. Do not let your mind wander, do not let it be clouded by unnecessary notions.

• Now all you must do from here onwards is to, practice for the next 20 minutes.

Kriya Yoga is not just a path to spiritual oneness with self and God. it is also a pathway that can have a positive impact on your day-to-day life and overall productivity. No yoga is ever fruitless, especially Kriya Yoga, as it bears the fondest of fruits one can ever hope to find. Kriya Yoga can help people with outstanding aliments that even modern medicines have failed to resolve.

It can help alleviate hypertension, stress, and depression.

• practitioner of this ancient yoga has reportedly observed positive changes in their daily life like Evident fall in serum urea, drastic fall in blood pressure levels. (I.e.- higher values were visibly brought down to normal levels thereby proving the effectiveness of Kriya Yoga.)

• The breathing techniques i.e. – pranayama and mediation in tandem, have proven their effectiveness in numerous researches. Research has shown the positive impact of Kriya Yoga on individuals with a history of depression and an anxiety episode. It was reported that in the first session, the patients saw a nearly 67% reduction in depression and anxiety. In the case of women, 65% saw improvement in their overall health with 50% and 30 % reduction in depression and anxiety, respectively.

• Kriya Yoga masterfully enhances one’s ability to deal with stress, enhancing pain taking capacity. It can also be extremely beneficial for healthy individual that has to deal with regular mental and physical pressure in their day-to-day life.

So are you ready to implement Kriya Yoga in your everyday life? tell us how helpful was our article in guiding you on your spiritual path?

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