Truth ~ S.N. Goenka

SN Goenka on Truth

The Buddha taught the Four Noble Truths. These include the theoretical and practical aspects of his teaching.

  • The Noble Truth of Suffering: the whole discipline of suffering has to be known by experience.
  • The Noble Truth of the Arising of Suffering: the elimination of desire has to be experienced.
  • The Noble Truth of Elimination of Suffering: the realization of Nibbāna.
  • The Noble Truth of the Path leading to the Ending of All Suffering: this has to be evolved by repeated practice.

Hearing these truths is crucial. Although understanding them at the intellectual level is good but not enough. To enjoy these truths, One need to gain knowledge about them through experiential wisdom. 

– Excerpts From SN Goenka’s Discourses

2 thoughts

  1. Hmm. Before the birth of me, there was no suffering. And after the death of me, there’s no suffering. Only in the existence of me is there suffering (change, pain, dissatisfaction, etc.)

    No me = no suffering… That’s a noble truth that I know/realize. Amen!

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