Osho – Life consists of very small things

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Life consists of very small things. So, if you become interested in so-called big things, you will be missing life.

Life consists in sipping a cup of tea, in gossiping with a friend; going for a morning walk, not going anywhere in particular, just for a walk, no goal; no end from any point you can turn back: cooking food for someone you love; cooking food for yourself, because you love your body too; washing your clothes, cleaning the floor, watering the garden–these small things, very small things–saying hello to a stranger, which was not needed at all because there was no question of any business with the stranger.

The man who can say hello to a stranger can say hello to a flower, to a tree, can sing a song to the birds.

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  1. Thank you for your insights. I do have a small problem, however. I have had a series of minor strokes.This has resulted in an inability to meditate, I have problems remembering the words of the meditations…..I also had to give up my drivers licence. I also injured my back, so I am now confined to my home. I was attending meditation classes, this is now virturely (?) impossible! I sure did a great job of putting obstacles in my way! How can I meditate……I really miss meditating. In the impending possibility that I might just advance to 5D, & beyond, any tips regarding the meditations? Also….Please may I ask you why all of the contributors of your articles are Male? Just asking! I think you might have a sense of humour! Many thanks….. Love & Light SylviaMelaynia

    1. Hello Sylvia, Thank You for your comment. The conscious awareness that we all are, that which is our true nature is all pervasive and beyond the limitations of our body and mind. That said, without the help of a healthy body and mind it is difficult to refine our minds enough that they can simply see the true reality. I too have pondered about how would someone with heavy limitations meditate. What comes to my mind is that no matter what – the ability to self witness or self observe your breath or heartbeat or anything for that matter is almost always there. Start with small steps and goals and work your way upwards. Will also be helpful to understand what is the usual way you used to meditate or what do you enjoy doing your meditation as?

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